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Tips for Custom Printed T-shirts on a Budget

When certain events like concerts, rallies, charity fund raising or others require organizers to produce custom printed t-shirts by bulk and within a limited budget, these tips will help you get the job done. Oftentimes we find that some companies charge a little bit more especially if the designs are difficult. However, businesses like Bag Wear Printing can give special rates for bulk orders and they can even help with the design.

  • First thing to remember when you want to save money on t-shirt printing is to order them in large volumes. Printing custom t-shirts is similar to printing business cards, newspapers or other items where the cost is in the set up. So the higher the quantity of items ordered, the lower the cost becomes.
  • The material also plays an important role in t-shirt printing. Choose a cotton mix product rather than a 100% cotton material. There will be a big difference on the cost but a little difference on the quality of the t-shirts.
  • Being flexible on the colors of the custom t-shirts can also cut the cost of your order. Colored shirts require additional steps in the printing process so you will find it less expensive to print custom t-shirts on white rather than color.
  • Another thing to consider is the design of the print. If the design is more elaborate and requires more area to be printed, there will be extra charges. The colors and printed space will determine the cost you will pay. You can cut those extra charges by choosing a design and the right colors for it. You can still come up with a kick-ass design even with simple colors and little space. Printing one side of the t-shirt is always the most cost effective way.
  • Sizes are also key factors when it comes to the cost. Larger sizes cost a bit more than smaller ones. This is the rule in almost all apparel stores and businesses. Unfortunately, all we can do is to shape up and lose those extra pounds!

Finally, the most important thing to do is to find a great and honest custom t-shirt printing business in your area. Bag Wear Printing is one of the most reputable businesses in Apple Valley, CA. Give them a call now if you require assistance from professionals with your custom printing for t-shirts or other promotional items.