Embroidery Trends to Look Out for in Reno NV

Embroidery Trends to Look Out for in Reno NV

The longest-running traditional way of designing apparel is embroidery. Through the years of its existence, it already went through various styles and it also followed numerous trends. This year is no different since there is a new set of embroidery designs that are taking over the printing industry by storm. Curious about what these trends are? Check them out below:

Customized Embroidery

            Since designing apparel is all about making yourself or your brand stand out from the crowd, the need for custom embroidery designs has been a growing need in the market. We are in an era driven by applying a personal touch to something we wear such as clothes, bags, headwear, and shoes. And custom embroidery is just the right method to add these personalizations and business branding to life.

Embroidered Statements

            Gone are the days when logos and small items are rampantly embroidered. Today, embroidery can also be applied in bringing statement clothes to life. Statements that can go from trendy mottos, phrases, or even the catchphrases of a company. Unlike applying the usual screen printing techniques to incorporate such statements, embroidery offers more uniqueness and impact.

            Embroidery does not simply bring these phrases to life, instead, it adds the boldness and flashiness it needs to be a head turner. This trend is especially popular amongst youngsters who see it as an opportunity to reflect and incorporate themselves.

Embroidered Old Fabrics

            The people’s love for vintage will never fade away. As long as the years continue to pass, the desire and admiration for vintage products live on. However, nowadays, vintage can be spiced up even more with the use of embroidery.

            Since vintage products come in many forms, it makes it the perfect chance to bring out the best in them with the use of embroidery. It is one of the best ways to rejuvenate old clothes. With vintage clothes being old, some may contain stains that reduce the quality and feel of the fabric. Embroidery can do a very good job in covering such imperfections and can even transform them into brand new masterpieces.


            Aside from screen printing images that mirror life on this planet, embroidery can also be an alternative method to give life to these images. The goal of making it appear as a photograph gets sprinkled with more creativity with the use of embroidery. Since it works best with textile designs on fabric, it makes embroidery the best pick among the rest.

            With a noticeable growth in the number of people that find beauty and artistry in this trend, it is still expected to grow exponentially reaching higher sales and demand under it.

Minimalism and Embroidery

            The term minimalist has been ringing into every designer’s ear nowadays. The theme of the minimalist approach is to create a style that uses the least amount of ornamentation or decoration to achieve simplicity. Aside from it being incorporated to screen printing, vehicle wraps, and interior designs, there has been an increasing trend of this approach being partnered with embroidery.

            Other than it being able to save time, effort, and money, it is also played a great role in showing how much beauty, artistry, and creativity can be seen through the simplest designs.

Keep up with the trends of Embroidery now!

            Now that you have an idea as to what has been in the hype for embroidery recently, you will now be able to generate ideas and projects that will surely take over the printing industry by storm. Work with us, for here at BagWear, we bring ideas and apparel to life with tons of printing techniques such as embroidery.

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