Shirt Printing in Clark County: 6 Tips on How to Take Care of your Printed Tees

Shirt Printing in Clark County: 6 Tips on How to Take Care of your Printed Tees

Printed tees are something that unites people of any race from any country. It has been one of the effective means of communication, information spreading, and most of all, marketing. Aside from its low cost, people and businesses who invest in using shirt printing get an impactful and effective return.

            However, in order for these printed tees to work and generate impact, they would have to be of quality. One that lasts long even after numerous washes and one that brings out the best in your company’s product and/or services. However, other than the printing technique that can be direct to film printing, there are still other lists of factors that affect its life. This is why in shirt printing, the outcomes are usually properly taken care of. Here are some of the tips printing industries apply in their shirt printing methods to ensure a quality and long-lasting tee:

Turn your tees inside out before plunging them into the washing machine. The number one cause of the peeling and breaking down of prints on your shirts is the washing machine. Its motion of washing clothes serves a great impact on its life span. This is why the trick of turning your shirt inside out beforehand provides less direct contact with the printed design. It ensures a more durable printed tee and preserves its color from fading.

Do not iron on the print. It is not wrong to iron your shirts to remove any wrinkles. However, when it comes to printed ones, you must make sure not to aim nor put the flat iron directly onto the print. Heat is the number one opponent of printed apparel. Aside from causing damage to the prints, it may also be the root cause of design peeling.

            If you do need to iron your shirt, you should set your flat iron to a low-temperature setting and also, turn the shirt inside out before you do the ironing.

Use cold water in washing printed shirts. In relation to the one above, applying heat to the print is not a good idea. According to experts, to really enjoy and prolong the life of your printed shirt, it’s best to use hot water when washing it.

Segregate and wash them by color and fabric. It has been a piece of common knowledge for many that you are not allowed to mix certain colors together during washing. This includes putting the white and red-colored shirts together. The reason behind this prohibition is that randomly combining shirts together will cause a mix in both of the colors.

Other than the color segregation is the fabric. During washing time, harsher fabrics should not be mixed with fabrics that have a much harsher feel. This is due to the fact that harsher fabrics cause prints to peel when rubbed with softer fabric and prints.

Avoid dryers at all costs. When it comes to drying clothes, dryers have served as a great help by saving us time. But did you know, that this process is actually damageable to t-shirt prints? Similar to the motion of the washing machine, dryers would also cause the prints to crack or peel.  In addition, they also cause the shrinking of some clothes. 


            There are different ways to take care of your clothes. There are a set of rules designated to denim and then there are those mentioned above that are focused on printed shirts. Caring for such apparel not only enable owners to prolong its lifespan but also shows how they value the printed material.

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