Embroidery in Las Vegas NV: How to Care for Embroidered Goods

Embroidery in Las Vegas NV: How to Care for Embroidered Goods

The key to long-lasting goods and garments is always the consumer. They are the ones who are in full control of the life span of the product. Their methods of usage and cleaning are some of the heaviest weighing factors that have a great impact on the quality, look and feel of the material over time.

            Similar to shirt printing, embroidery also has its own set of rules on how to properly take care of the material to prolong its existence and use. Just like living things, embroidered materials also possess a life span that will depend on how you handle and use them.

            To ensure that your embroidered good lasts long, here are some care tips you may take note of:

Dry Cleaning

            Many people wonder if an embroidered material can be dry cleaned and the answer to that is yes. However, when an embroidered material is subject to be dry cleaned, extreme care should be exercised. Especially when it comes to dark shaded materials the usage of pre-spotting agents should be avoided.

Machine Washing

            In these modern times, the majority of the population now resort to washing their garments with the use of machines. Despite some of the articles online saying that machine washing embroidered materials is not a good idea, it is actually fine to resort to this method as long as it is done in the right way.

            In machine washing embroidered clothes or apparel, the rules are similar to the usual do’s and don’ts of any other clothing material. The only difference is that when it comes to embroidered ones, running the machine in a delicate or gentle cycle is a must. It is also best recommended to avoid using harsh chemicals on these types of materials.

Drying Embroidered Garments

            When it comes to the suggested drying method for embroidered garments, it is best to go for air-drying. By just simply hanging your clothes to dry significantly reduces the chances of your garment shrinking. For embroidered garments, the shrinking of clothing material is not good news.

            This is because whenever a garment shrinks, the embroidery may not shrink evenly with it. Making it appear like it is a warped design and may no longer look like how it was before the shrinkage.

            You may also make use of a dryer but ensure that it is set in the lowest heat possible to avoid any damage. But remember never to wring out your embroidered garments.


            Ironing embroidered materials should also be done with caution. Remember to iron these fabrics on the reverse side and not on the front. In addition, it is also recommended to iron the embroidery between two pieces of cloth. And unlike other garments, you cannot wet the embroidery prior to ironing or using a steam iron.

Key Take Always

            Taking care of embroidered clothes is not a difficult task to do. By simply following the mentioned care tips, you get to avoid damage and ensure that you get to enjoy and wear your embroidered clothing for a much longer time.


            Embroidered garments are artistic pieces that mirror business, ideologies, and imagination. Keep them in pristine condition as much as possible and preserve the effort and artistry incorporated into them.  

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