Your Must-Have Promotional Product Trends in Clark County

Your Must-Have Promotional Product Trends in Clark County

     The popularity of promotional products all over the globe is groundbreaking. Since it is one of the in-demand freebies for many, it is important to have a method that will help your business’ promotional product stand out from the crowd. One of these methods is staying in line with the current promotional trends that are spreading like wildfire. Curious about what these trends are? Here they are:

  • Tote Bags

            Gone are the days when people would use backpacks as their go-to bags. Today, tote bags are the new hype. Millennials – the biggest market for promotional products have recently been swarming over this type of bag and who wouldn’t? The convenience and benefits of tote bags are endless. They can be easily accessed and filled with a person’s belonging that can go from papers, tumblers, and other little goodies that are handed out right at the entrance.

  • Pens

            Writing by hand will never go away. This is why pens are still one of the most popular promotional products out there. Aside from their cheap price, everyone uses them. May it be students, working individuals, or even seniors! In fact, if you hand out pens from your business, they will always go from hand to hand and will be used from time to time. This serves as a perfect opportunity on boosting the exposure of your business.

  • Water Bottles

            Water will always be a staple in our lives. You would have to ensure that you stay hydrated even when you’re outside the house. This is why you would need a water container. Not just plain ones, but those with catchy brand imprints.  These are reusable water containers that would help not only the environment but also business owners. 

  • Mobile Accessories

            Will the huge collection and models of mobile phones, there has been an increase in its purchase rate. It means that more and more people are buying smartphones for personal, educational, or business use. Along with the rise of mobile phones are their accessories which can help protect and/or add a personal touch to them. Some examples of these promotional products are pop sockets, chargers, stylus pens, and casings.

  • T-shirts or Hoodies

            Everyone loves a good promotional tee in their closet. It may come in different colors with different prints making it the all-time favorite form of promotional product. And usually, consumers would hold onto t-shirts for an average of 14 months making it an impactful marketing strategy.

            Businesses would imprint their logo or a message related to their slogan. Since a huge percentage of consumers prefer to purchase products and/or services from companies that stand for a purpose, using a t-shirt as a promotional product may be the best fit.

  • Coffee mugs

            Work breaks and mornings are perfect for a cup of coffee. Coffee truly is a delicious drink that helps people take a short step back from the stress they are experiencing daily. But of course, you would need the perfect container for your favorite coffee. And these are mugs!

            In addition, due to the fact that about 66 billion cups of coffee are consumed yearly, custom mugs can be one of the best forms of promotional products that really matches what people enjoy.

The importance of using popular promotional products

            When it comes to business, it’s always best to follow and go along with the current of whatever is in demand. This includes incorporating recent trends into your promotional products with the use of different printing techniques such as DTF printing to ensure their success rate.  These trends are guaranteed crowd-pleasers that come with a budget-friendly cost. Before diving into the mass production of your business’ promotional products, make sure to read about the tastes of your target audiences so that you can easily slip into their like list.

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