10 Shirt Printing Trends in Clark County

10 Shirt Printing Trends in Clark County

One of the most effective forms of promotional products is printed shirts. Shirt printing offers a huge variation when it comes to its forms. All of which have their own distinctness when it comes to the color, designs, and even shirt styles. If you are planning to purchase, build or promote your business through shirt printing there are a few important things to consider. And one of them is ensuring that every single one of these printed shirts is matched with recent trends. Doing so will help boost the success rate and effectiveness of your business with the use of printed shirts.

            To help you decide which printed shirt trend goes well with you and your business, below is a list of some examples of the hottest ones to choose from.

Green and plants

            The hue of plants has always appeared fresh to the eyes. Such coolness is what people often look for even when it comes to their ideal printed tees. These factors contribute to its stature of being one of the in-demand designs for shirts. Incorporate nature and bring it to life with shirt printing!

Typography Chaos

            Unlike before when symmetry and uniformity is a must in the printing industry, messy and asymmetrical texts have already taken over the trends. This shirt printing trend neglects the general typography rules and creates literal chaos on the shirt. Such visual adds a bit of complexity and uniqueness to the apparel thus making it more catchy for people.

Strong Statement Tees

            We all have specific things we want to fight for. Either businesses or certain individuals, there will always be a motto that drives it. And as much as possible, we would want to showcase it to the world. This can be done by printing them on shirts and spreading these products to your own prospects. With shirt printing, you get to easily voice out your personal or business motto and purpose to your target prospects.

Repeated Words

            One way to help a person remember something is to continuously repeat it. This can also be applied to printed shirts. Words are often emphasized by repeating that very same phrase or word on the shirt. This trend boosts the clarity and impact of your tee making it another perfect way of advocating something.

Large Scale Prints

            Another trend that gives emphasis is large-scale printing. The only difference is, that this focuses on images and illustrations that are being printed on the shirt. In this trend, the design printed on the shirt takes up almost all the printable area. This makes your tee more noticeable and even acts as a perfect asset if you want your shirt to stand out from the rest.

Handwritten Texts

In the present, people would often celebrate individuality through the use of statement tees. These are shirts that express distinctiveness through the use of hand-written designs or illustrations. Such designs usually incorporate calligraphic writing in them making it appear as it has been written and printed by hand rather than a printer.

Doodle Artwork Designs

            Everybody loves cute things. From pets to material possessions and even up to shirts! If you like cute things too, then indulging in the trend of doodle artworks would fit you just right. And aside from cuteness, it also adds a touch of playfulness to your printed shirt.

            Doodling is a form of art that makes use of thin and thick lines, wavy lines, colors, and shapes of any size. All these are mixed together into developing one distinct outcome.

Minimal Texts

            Simplicity and minimalism have been taking over the world lately. Its clean and sleek appearance makes it really attractive to many. It is often incorporated in furniture, interior design, and clothing such as shirts.

            We can say that this trend is the exact opposite of large-scale and repeated prints. Since when it comes to this trend,  the design is ensured to look as simple and as minimal as possible. An example is printing in small yet visible statements, illustrations, and/or pictures.

Optical Illusion

            They say that there is more to what meets the eye. It means that behind an image is another visual hidden behind or inside it. Aside from being philosophy in life, it is also a technique applied in the shirt printing industry. And it is pretty popular with teens and young adults.

            Optical illusion is a 70s design trend that is currently being brought back to life. Such designs can hold the attention of anyone who looks at it. And that is exactly what you’re aiming for when designing and printing a shirt.

Black and White

            In 2020, people were obsessed with monochromatic color schemes. And it seems that even today, this trend won’t lose its spark in the printing industry. Why? Well, this is due to the dark palettes used on the shirt which makes it appear less harsh to the eyes as compared to the other design trends. Applying this trend to your shirt helps the text or logo printed to pop without causing too much strain on the eyes.

            These are only a few of the many trending printed shirt designs out there. But it is enough to give you a clear picture of how vast and flexible shirt printing can be.

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